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Computer Services

Congratulations! You have successfully connected to the Internet and can access your email.

Email Address

Your email address is your public Missouri State University ID followed by For example, if your public ID is abc123, your email address is To find other campus email addresses, use Search.

Accessing Email

You can read and send email with programs such as Bearmail or Microsoft® Outlook®. For more information on setting up an email client, please visit our Bearmail Client Setup Guides.

Bearmail Grrrr!

Bearmail is a web-based system to read and send email. To use Bearmail, you only need a web browser, such as Internet Explorer. Point your web browser to and log in with your new Missouri State SGF Domain or if you have a classic account, use SMSU.

Microsoft® Outlook®

Microsoft® Outlook®  is a desktop information management program that helps you manage your email, appointments, contacts, and tasks, as well as track activities, open and view documents, and share information. Outlook®  comes with Microsoft® Office or can be purchased separately.

If you experience problems using Outlook®,  you may want to try the Microsoft® Outlook® web site.

For more information on using and configuring Microsoft® OutlookTM, please see Introduction to Microsoft® Outlook® or Outlook®Dialup Instructions.


You can use many programs to check your email from home or office. When you use these email clients to check email from a home modem, Missouri State University refers to them as POP mail or IMAP mail clients (depending on your type of connection).

If you wish to set up a POP mail or IMAP mail client, please visit the Bearmail IMAP and POP3 setup guide for the latest settings.