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Computer Services

Account Deletion

Regularly scheduled Missouri State University Domain account deletions are done after the sixth week of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students, faculty, and staff whose accounts are scheduled for deletion will receive notification via email two weeks before the deletion is to occur. Anyone who believes that their account has been erroneously selected for deletion should contact Computer Services immediately.

Missouri State University Domain accounts may be deleted at other than the regularly scheduled times in cases that require special processing. An attempt will be made to contact the person to whom the account has been assigned before deleting it.

Accounts on other systems are removed periodically, based on whether or not the account has been used recently and whether or not the student, faculty, or staff member is still eligible to retain it.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members may retain their Missouri State University accounts for the entirety of their employment.

Faculty and staff who retire from the University are eligible for Missouri State University Domain  accounts and other associated open resources if they are granted emeritus status by the Board of Governors. Emeritus faculty and staff members may retain their accounts indefinitely, if used on a regular basis.


Students may keep their Missouri State University Domain accounts as long as they remain enrolled as a student. If a student is no longer taking classes, then the account may be retained for one additional semester.